1. Stay Forever

From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Piano - John Deadrick


Stay Forever

I think that I just might stay, for a life or for a day. Women are complicated that way. I like the way that you sound when you pronunciate every noun, like you’re from the land of ten thousand lakes. If that’s what it takes, thats what it takes.

I wanna stay forever in your grace in your charm. All wrapped up and never leave this place in your arms, where I belong.

We lay on our backs beneath the trees. The wind is blowing songs in minor keys. Before I can even say the words, your arm’s around my neck, I am of this world. You deserve much more than me. I’m the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You fix me up for everyone to see and now I see.
The moon comes up, the stars start to spin. I guess it’s time we go in and in this moment, I can finally see everything you mean to me.