1. Sixteen

From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Bass - Aaron Hatmaker
Drums - Derek Murphy
Electric Guitar, Percussion - Jansen Press
Backing Vocal - Jolynn Daniel
Strings - John Deadrick



My mother she wrote of the seashells, seagulls and big crashing waves. She whispered, “These are memories with your dad I’d like to save.” Then a summer wind came crashing in and I never did know what to say. Cause I never heard her speak of him and hide her tears in exactly that way.

Now the past to me is a memory of an exploding sky, as we lay in the dark, in the park, on our backs. It was the Fourth of July. The grass was cold, wet and green and only sixteen.

The teenage girls would gather and the teenage boys would scatter through town. And there was this one and he smiled like the sun so we did hang around some. One night we walked down to the river and now I’ll never be the same. And if I try real hard, maybe I can remember his name.

Anthony and Pat were playing on the tracks when the train came by that day. And watched the life run out of my friends and they carried them away, cold, wet and green. And only sixteen, sixteen.