From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Bass - Garry Tallent
Drums - Ken Coomer
Electric Guitar - Jansen Press
Piano, Synthesizer - John Deadrick
Banjo - Joe Pisapia


Friends Along the Way

I’d swing you in the swing all day long, write you poem. I’d sing you a song. Anything just to get back to the day. We were driving 95, feeling all alive, you’d say.

It used to be so easy. The songs came flying out of me. We were soaring straight to the top and nothing was gonna stop us, until they decided to drop us, off.

But now I see a ship sailing up on the blue horizon, cutting through the fog and clouds of a brand new day. And hey, hey I never got a chance to say, it’s ok it’s all right. For every time you couldn’t make and for every single night. You sat through some stupid song. You listened you even sang along, my friends along the way.

We kept going from town to town, fewer people came around. The radio only let us down. We couldn’t get any plays cause clear channel owns the radio waves.
And then one day the phone won’t ring and I don’t care if I don’t sing another note. Hey, no one’s listening. It took about a year, some friends and late night beers to find my way.

And then one day it comes along and you’re singing a brand new song and you don’t care if there’s a single soul around. Happy as I can be, singing for my baby and me.

And hey, hey I never got a chance to say, it’s ok it’s ok, and I’m so stupid that I let our time, I let it slip away. If I could get back one day at the Road, I’d take you in my arms and say, “You were my friend along the way.”

In everything I sing, I say, I see your face everyday.
I met a lot of good, good people.