1. Jump

From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Bass - Garry Tallent
Drums - Eugene Jung
Electric Guitar - Jansen Press
Backing Vocals - Joe Pisapia
Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals - Daniel Tashian



I can see the water is wide. I tell your locked up inside, planning to plot your life away, Hey, we just missed today. I know you’ll never be grown up and everything is not enough. Throw out that stuff and jump. Jump

Throw your arms out and jump.

You can use every excuse in the book. When you get high, just don’t look down. When did you get so old? The clock is ticking the water’s cold. No one ever feels ready. Take my hand I’ll keep you steady.
It’s time to bang the drum and jump.

No crack of lightening, no heavenly sign. It’s okay for you to lose your mind but don’t waste your time, don’t waste your time.

I can see the day is growing late and this world she just don’t wait. It’s your turn now. Jump.

Close your eyes and jump.