1. Show Me

From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Bass - Garry Tallent
Cello - Jessie Hale
Drums - Paul Deakin
Piano, Organ, Mellotron - John Deadrick


Show Me

You put me on. You put me up. You take me out. You make me better than I am. You lift me. You hold me down. You keep me here. Make me wanna live again and I am.

Just when I think there’s nothing left in this life to see, you show me, you show me how to start again. You show me how to open up the doors and you smiled and I walked right in. and I can begin again.

You’re everything. You’re everywhere. You’re everyone I have ever known. You look at me, I skip a beat and in my heart, I am never alone. In your heart, I am home.

Pages on pages, words on words, I write them all down. I know they’re absurd. I keep dreaming of the day, I’ll turn around and here you say, “Hey, Babe”

I will remember you always, you are with me where I go. And I can’t stop saying this in my head, words you already know and I think you know. Those words you know.

And just when I think there is nothing left in this life unsaid.