1. Oh My

From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Bass - Garry Tallent
Drums - Ken Coomer
Electric Guitar, Percussion - Jansen Press
Organ - John Deadrick
Backing Vocal - Jolynn Daniel


Oh My

There’s nothing in this world I can do to make things all better for you. There’s isn’t a win without losing. There isn’t a sin without love in.

Oh My this hurts more than I could ever cry. Oh My.

I wanna smash this stupid guitar. I wanna drive off so far I don’t know where you are. Run until I drop, sometimes I wish my heart would just stop.

You might have kicked me around, but you’ll never keep me down.

It’s time to let the sunshine on my face. Get back on my feet get back up into place.

Comes a time we all make a choice and I will never let you take my voice.

Get back up into my place. Let the sunshine on my face.