1. Skyway

From the recording The Wanderlust Diaries

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Acoustic Guitar, Percussion - Jansen Press
Bass - Robert Reynolds
Drums - Paul Deakin
Pedal Steel - Carl Broemel
Backing Vocals - Garrison Starr



You take the skyway. High above that busy little one way. With my stupid hat and gloves at night I lie awake wondering if I’ll sleep, wondering if we’ll meet out in the street, to take the skyway.

It don’t move at all like a subway. It’s got bums when it’s cold like any other place, it’s warm up inside, sitting down and waiting for a ride. Up in the skyway.

Oh then one day, I saw you walking down that little one way.
In the place where I catch my ride most everyday. Wasn’t a damn thing I could do or say, up in the skyway.